About Nueva Gorgona

Nueva Gorgona is located about 80 kms (50 miles) to the west of Panama City. The scenic drive takes less than one hour on the four lane PanAmerican Hiway. Gorgona is a quaint village on the shores of the Pacific Ocean with miles of public beach. Our home is less than five minutes away from three public beach access points. During the week, you can usually enjoy huge stretches of beach all to yourself. There are several “mini-supers” that are able to provide most food basics, produce, beer and liquor, as well, there are many fresh fruit and vegetable stands. Other nearby conveniences include a bakery, two restaurants, two mechanics, and two hardware stores all within walking distance from our home. Gorgona is also famous for its Co-op Fish Market where you’ll be able to bring home fresh fish, shrimp and lagostinas caught by local fisherman.

Another important factor is Gorgona’s position in what Panamanians call “El Arco Seco”, the area stretching northwest from Punta Chame to Rio Hato. The name translates in English to “The Dry Arc”, stemming from the fact that this crescent-shaped stretch of coastline gets considerably less rain than the rest of Panama.

Gorgona is nestled between Chame and Coronado, a neighboring beach community, where you’ll find a brand new 24 -hour medical center, El Rey grocery store open 24 hours, two national banks, many restaurants, a clothing store, pool service and supply and more. Currently under construction and scheduled to open in 2010 are two more shopping plazas that will bring more restaurant choices, shops, banks and two more major grocery stores. The entire beaches area is slated for phenomenal growth, despite the recessed world economy. The expatriate community in the beaches area continues to grow as Canadians, Americans and Europeans flee their colder climates and higher costs of living.

From Gorgona, you’re 30 minutes or less from three 18-hole golf courses, surfing, tennis and an equestrian club. The expat community, regularly plans functions and activities such as bocci ball tournaments, Mahjong, scuba diving lessons, photo club, dances and monthly meet-and-greet dinners. Nearby Finca la Maya offers many activities like drawing and painting lessons, yoga, and cooking classes.

A forty-five minute scenic drive, brings you to El Valle, a popular vacation and weekend destination. El Valle is built in the lush crater of an extinct volcano. Bird watching, horseback riding, photography and hiking are just some of the many activities you’ll enjoy here. You’re surrounded by brightly colored flowers and butterflies. El Valle is also famous for its craft, fruit and vegetable market, and its hot springs and therapeutic mud baths.


2 Responses to “About Nueva Gorgona”

  1. I am going to Gorgona in January with my family. We have rented the Las Palmas house. Can you tell me what if anything is close to the home. We are debating renting a car..

    • Hello Corry,
      My Gorgona house was sold in April 2011. Perhaps the new owners are renting it out?
      If it’s my old place, you are going to love it. I did! It’s in a nice, quiet neighbourhood, only five or ten minutes walk from the Panamerican highway. Once at the highway, you can grab a bus to Panama City, or a cheap cab ride will take you to many nearby stores, restaurants and bars. It would probably take 20 minutes or so to walk to the beach.
      After a year and a half back in Edmonton, we are now back in Panama again. We’re living in a condo in the next town, called Coronado. Give us a call once you arrive here, on your vacation. Maybe we can help to familiarize you with the area. A rental car could be worthwhile, depending on what your plans are. These guys offer decent cars at fair prices http://goldcoastauto1.com/
      Take care,
      Richard van Dyk

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